Sequels of Covid 19

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Sequels of Covid 19

Note: It is just a text in memoriam to many who had covid 19.

I don’t know how or why, along with my son, I acquired the covid-19,
And, when questioning the doctor, even very badly,
I was hospitalized at home,
Not in a hospital bed.
There were moments that I wanted to leave that life,
It would be what I had left the only way out.
I don't know if I got infected from my son, or from the school that I coordinate.
Now, I can only thank you, because I have a mother who is in her nineties,
Thanks to Heaven, she did not acquire, nor did she become feverish.
In compensation, I, had pain in everything, I asked in prayer to finish in this world.
Now, recovered from Covid 19, I still have headaches, and the certainty that everything will pass.
There are people somewhere to pray, for me and for thousands of victims of this strange disease, which kills, or leaves unseen consequences.
I see that I only have to thank God for Life,
Both mine and my son,
And go on a new path, that of thanks at all times.
The sequels are painful, and leave us with no memory,
No story to tell,
But, in my vast moment of lucidity, I have God much to thank
And I asked many to recover without these consequences,
Without these pains, that afflicted my days.
And, thank someone for praying, for me,
And do at least poetry.
Thanking God for the doctors who took care of me,
And they comforted me even when I was home,
I can only say: Thank you.

Handwritten poetry on 1/9/2021 at 10.53 minutes.
Today transcribed for these sites.
Handwritten by Tereza Cristina G Castro

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