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Consecrated artist at Jovem Guarda,
Today mobilized by the disease,
Because we all get old one day,
And, only God, to say what we've been through.
Perhaps in the "Changes" of "September Mornings", where I remember my childhood, where I have "Dreams of a Clown", where I trace my "Parallels" to the poetry of my geometry in the form of poetry.
Condemn for making the National Anthem wrong, we can't!
After all, the courage of a woman with a powerful voice, with joy, today goes unnoticed by a youth that judges the immediate, not life in fact.
Today on a Sunday, in September, I remember Vanusa, I remember Belchior, I remember young guard, I remember childhood with singers, who saw the revolution, who knew how to say no to the dictatorship, in the madness of politicized people, not of appearances or corrupt for money, which is fleeting.
Today, I ask God, not only for Vanusa, but for great artists who gave their lives to the country, who made changes, such as "Andanças" by Beth Carvalho, like "Caracóis de sua Cabelo", by Caetano,
And, to express in my half century, that life can change, as Vanusa says in his interpretation: CHANGES.
Enough, we stop the pain, the troubles and fight.
Nobody knows how in old age it will arrive, some artists take to the funerals riches acquired, others take fans for a lifetime, I know that Vanusa survives in the memories she heard, today I transform her into a Sunday of fine rain, in a poetry, thanking her daughters , remembering Antônio Marcos, Rafael Vanucci, family, who changed dreams, and posed challenges. While many fight for private hospitals, Rafael, Vanusa's son thanks the public hospital where his mother is.
And, how many of us will be there occupying beds in public hospitals, because the private individuals are greedy, and live not from the cure, but from the desire for money, the financial that seems to occupy the minds of doctors and take the oaths made in their graduations.
Thanks Vanusa for everything he did to the world.

Handwritten poem this morning of 20/09/2020, and in a few days we will be in Spring, here in the southern hemisphere.
And, today I started to listen and wrote about Vanusa.
God bless and protect her, as well as many other artists forgotten by the world.
Peace, well, light, and health too.


https://www.google.com/search?q=vanusa+imagens&client=avast&sxsrf=ALeKk00V4SmukCRr-JRPlWOrI-Z6HVcoTA:1600632489524&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=widdsVzmoHViBM%252CfSZvn7E42MV6RM%252C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kSUaM7wqkJAKOAGbkRQLTBNeOwWsg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiDy9DXxPjrAhWbF7kGHVXSD0EQ9QF6BAgKEDc&biw= 1280 & bih = 657 # imgrc = hdngySzuMBV46M

Teka Castro, writer and fan.

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