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New Project Association - http://novaprojeto.com.br/

Do you have someone you love and are special?
Socialization and a profession are fundamental to them.
Invest in that great being that God has offered you, and run with him for great accomplishments.
Even if the simple act of making a package in a place seems small to these enlightened beings, it is something fantastic, that makes you feel alive, that makes you have a slower learning, it doesn't matter, but a learning.
I got to know Nova Projeto through a swimming mother, who we attend, https://www.sportfitta.com.br/, and through the indication, I went in search of something more, and today I just have to thank everyone for so much learning and more.
Whoever has a special being in his life, must know that God has enlightened him and gave you a gift.
Just have the will, believe, and fight, because these enlightened beings are divine angels here on Earth.
I thank everyone who gave me this information, and I step forward for others to access the site and seek to improve the lives of their adolescent / adult children, however for us mothers, our babies, we have to help, not suffocate, remember Rosa da Literature by Exupèry, author of "The Little Prince."
Let us do what is essential to the heart.
Here, just my simple thanks to Breno's mother and everyone from Associação Nova Projeto.
Peace and good.
Téka Castro,
Mother, aunt, and teacher of enlightened beings, and writer.
São Paulo, January 24, 2020.
Rainy day on the biggest birthday girl in history, my São Paulo, 466 years old - 01/25.

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