I write

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I write

"Swapping cannonballs for rosebuds,"
That phrase from my first ex boyfriend in one of my souvenir notebooks,
And the beautiful words, from Professor Sônia de História, message from Exupéry: "Each one that passes in our life, is alone, and they find us alone, but when they leave they leave a little of themselves, and take a little of us!"
These phrases are quite true, in which they also encouraged me to write in my life as a dreamer, to talk to fairies, gnomes, and in my dreams to have Christ's hands to hold me in Heaven so as not to fall.
So I acted by thanking the gift of writing, of the dream in my life, of the art of poetising, of making fantasies, of writing without fear when I was younger, today I try to be careful with bitter words, or with hypocrisies, often adolescent, of everything a little wrote. Today the adult took away the behavior of the teenager from writing about dreams, sex, love, pleasure, education, friendship, spirituality, ...
Today I write with fear,
I fear being judged,
Torn in life.
But, that's me.
And, I thank what I always write to my God.
My inspiration,
I thank my many editors,
That both online, virtual, as printed, have already been published.
I always thank Reviragita Poesia, and Cecília Fidellis,
I thank the Torch, and ZineGospel,
I thank Leila Miccólis, and the Society of Living Poets,
I thank the editors from the South, the North, Sampa, Rio,
Thanks to Recanto,
To Etastic, Belas Artes Belas,
I thank the affection of other nests that I landed.
And, I thank my thousands manuscripts, some I even tore.
Others yellowed by time.
I thank the teachers in a playful way:
Milena (Portuguese Language - EE Prof. Alberto Conte), Irem, Leiko, Margarida, EMEF's Portuguese Language teacher Edna. Dep. João Sussumu Hirata, fundamental II, to Carmelo, Sandra Liger, and so many others, who even taught me exactly how to write.
I see in the letters, in the signs,
A geometry, a point, a line,
A tiny act, which becomes the macro.
I didn't have the success of having a solo book,
My poems are almost daily,
And, the necessary bread comes from Education.
And, now I have as co-author 5 masterpieces:
A miscarriage, the twin of my firstborn Alexia Cristina, in heaven with God, Alexia Cristina, Emmanuel and Anna Clara, my little girl, and also the beautiful children who adopted me and I adopted. Some like Geovanna Samara Sousa, I didn't understand why she left and didn't even say goodbye to me.
Others I have adopted, and it is funny to be called a mother or aunt Téka, but we continue to play the shuttlecock and go ahead.
I write content, even without profit, I write in the sketch of life,
And in the lights of my heart.
I thank you, my family, mother, father (wherever you are - in memoriam), brother, cousins, uncles, beloved husband, my Eduardo and my children,
Besides, of course, the reading friends and the reading friends, not to mention the alumni and everything, which are forms of my inspiration.
I thank God and the aged almost 53 years of my essence in the Universe of Literature, that I do not follow rules, because everything in the adventure of inspiration. I write from the heart.

Handwritten poetry on 4/20/2020.
Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro, professor in Chemistry and writer.
I appreciate your patience for the reader of yet another of my poems.
Peace, good and health to all of us.
Pandemic season - coronavirus - modified.
Sao Paulo. Brazil.

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