How October!

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How another October come
It, like outer heavens to above
Autumn true-ing the word Down
Too another November Winter come

Yet still October do the work true above
It must be done the simple Calendar of age
The Study carry present by Pulsar Light of way
Leaving mortals to their simple ways of living a Day

How another October end
It, done of part a Calendar a mark
Mortals to November as angels to above
Mars will pass above wipe the winter scene's

From Mars through winter It leaves it's Dreams
To March ready for a fresh of Spring another length
Of a mark through Months with Seasons known as a Year

By Mictopyci Michael Pinger Yaw 10/16/20

That's How!

So that's how the little guy sits his tent from Mars with Eloha, God, World, October, Christ an Allah and the head of Man...by the Light. By the Pulsar by its come and go! Through the Years by Months weeks and days. When it starts returning; he is out and about gathering his needs of the greater space and universe. Mortals only need the lower planet heavens with Mars as head to mark the way for man in worship, by ritual ways. When it returns, the holy of rituals should be followed through with; before and about, preferable with, Iraq, Baghdad. And certainly; before, Iran church of Man...assuring basic, Government operating for the best interest of its peoples; so, that their Church can come and manage higher spiritual things.

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