Books read in the quarantine of 2020.

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Books read in the quarantine of 2020.

July 2020, half of the month, maybe I never did,
I read with such affection, some children,
Others that bring a reflection, and those that change Life and the heart.
I read several, some I don't even know, I don't remember anymore.
But, the peace of seeing page by page, of the world from there and from here, in an "Inventor Apprentice", where the author: João Anzanello Carrascoza, reminds us of everything that had already been invented,
And yet, it must be.
Hence along with God's free will,
Given and the pleasure of Being,
To reflect and be inspired.
Then I read the first of a trilogy: Destiny, by Ally Condle, left me, reflective enough to remember the Society we are in.
What we have, what we are.
Not to mention that before I read two beautiful tales that took me to Europe, where I never touched my feet,
But, the imagination goes further: From Sidney Sheldon: "Nothing lasts forever",
What to do when you unexpectedly receive an invaluable fortune from someone else?
And the other one ends, also being a trilogy: "If there were tomorrow", questions Tracy's principles, perhaps mine.
From a healthy citizen, poor girl, to marry a rich man, and the boy's mother subjugate?
How many of us dreamers live in such a situation?
Even though the world has changed today, Sheldon's story is real to me.
And yesterday, yes yesterday, 14/07/2020, I finished the story of "Notable Men", inspired by Tóstoi, a psycho-writer, a spiritist book,
That brought me so many truths, but what I still can't do in my passionate conflict: Forgive really.
Forget what the other did to me? Do I live the Old Testament: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth? Jesus, came for everyone to heal, and as I believe, nothing in life happens by chance, I feel that I did not leave when I was born, wrapped in an umbilical cord, suffocating me, or when I stayed for 12 hours, on a surgical table, to treat a urinary reflux, at the age of 4, is why God has a service for me.
But, I want to understand life, to know what it is to forgive,
Knowing not to speak bitter words, which I learned throughout my life,
And, there, find ways to be what I want to be.
Live in peace!!!
I read these books, they brought me reflection, and now a new technology, I started yesterday to read "Minecraft - Lost Diaries" (also trilogy), here at home we have 1 and 3, and I will read them with dedication, as I read the others, stick me in the words read, for those who know how to improve the written words, where, they take place in lines of a notebook, with a pen, it is not the bic, but with its blue ink, my marks, my memories, my hurts.
I sigh, and I go further, reading is a pleasure that at the age of 53, I achieved.
Since I read so much, I have to learn to forgive, as it is written in "Notable Men", I have to be a new "Man".
To renew my self, to approach the neighbor I judged, and thus, to approach GOD.
It is no use, I have n degrees, be studied, graduated in Chemistry, and always graduate in Education, if my heart does not forgive, nor myself.
I miss the family, the loved ones who left, the ones I mistreated by words, and that I hear my mother say that they helped them.
And today, silence remained, even with n technologies, and I see myself in the future even with my poetry, flying the world,
Isolated, being like Tiago, Hermit, in my alchemy, without a husband, children, or others, living in my world, like "Diary of a Passion" (film) and leaning in any corner.
As a woman, she may return in the future and perhaps forgive everyone, especially herself.
And, in the readings made, the heart thanks and expresses life, for you, reader, to see the long road, which I still seek to find, the Christ that as a child I saw, was real.
And, perhaps in the letters of each book, I can find, not only Him, but myself.
And, I asked for forgiveness, even if I still don't know how to give, to the family, Mother, Father (In memorian), Son Gabi (In memorian), beautiful children that I love, husband, brother, brothers-in-law, nephews, uncles and cousins.
Cousins, including two that I love too much, and that blocked me from existence, but God knows why. Angela and Adélia Henriques, you are more than cousins, you are people I consider as older sisters. I learned a lot from you.
Perhaps this text, spoke on the principle of readings, adventures, but reflect on other beaches, because the memory of a writer often changes the very meaning of his pain.
To all my loved ones with love.

Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro, Chemistry teacher and writer.
São Paulo, July 15, 2020.
To readers, teachers, and everyone who appreciates letters.
Peace and well, and now much health to all of us too.
Ah. Read one of the books I cited.
I thank Patrícia Domingos for lending me: "Inventor Apprentice", may God enlighten your paths, dear former student, current professional colleague in both Education and Letters.
Peace, well, and lots of health too.
2020, the year in which the world bowed to a being slightly larger than an atom: coronavirus.

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