Parable of the prodigal son

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Parable of the prodigal son

Gospel of St. Luke, chapter 15.

Suddenly two or more children, he asks his father for his half of the inheritance, he gives it without imposing anything, and the son, goes in search of the madness of his friends, enters various dangers, due to the money he supports.
But, life demands, he needs something to feed himself, and the days go by, the friends are gone, and the money is gone.
Then, dirty, hungry, and a former wasteful man, he begins to look for work, many do not reach out to him, but a man who owns a farm perhaps leaves him to work there and eat the washing of the pigs.
By a thought, he sees that his father nourished his servants with dignified food.
Think, I will look for my father, there I will ask for work, and thus, I will have food.
And when he arrives back at his home, the father sees him, and has a party, kills the best of his flock, and the eldest son, who always sacrificed himself on the father's side, was left with the mind of a wronged man, but the father explained to him, that the youngest was dead, and was resurrected, showing learning, wisdom, and care.
And, we, children of God, ask for the inheritance, we have free will, and even at the last moment of everything we do, we repent with heart and soul, God forgives us, my dear brothers.
But, we are a generation that wants to change everything, in God no longer believe, and to spread evil seeds.
We are a kind of ungrateful, the fact that we often go against the scriptures, the Bible, the Torah, the Alcalrão. We are children of God, creatures in the image and likeness of the Father, but we want everything so easily without any effort.
We want to change Science itself, and do what we want, but the world is not just Matter (Everything that has mass and volume), it is energy, and God is the energy that many try to explain and fail.
Then, let us go back like the prodigal Son, because the time is roaring, and we will no longer have the pity of heaven.
God bless you all.
Help the 18 year old boy, who yesterday tried to rob PIME priest Ace Valdez, at the Sé cathedral, in São Paulo, and God take care of our children, and those who believe that drugs are the best way.
May God show man how much he bled for us in his crown of thorns.
Let us, in a simple way, evangelize, and believe in changes, in Life, in Nature, and in the certainty that God takes care of us.

To the priests of PIME, to the Sheikhs, and Rabbis, to my children, and nephews, to my students, to those who worked at the Mens Sana from 1986 - 1990. In memoriam Frei Albino Aresi. To my ancestors and descendants.
Mother Nature, and the Father of Ecology: Francisco de Assis.
Exclusive poetry for these sites.
Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro
São Paulo, October 5, 2020.
In memoriam Gabriel Gonçalves Mendes Castro, and to all people who undergo catheterization. To the cardiologists at Hospital São Paulo, who worked at the hospital from 10/4/2000 to 12/23/2000. Peace, good, health and light.

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