Rita de Cássia Rodrigues Roque

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Rita de Cássia Rodrigues Roque

I know friend Rita, that time has passed
Our History has changed
It took your parents.
And yet, we are here.
I remember you.
I remember the crazy things we did,
From confidences,
From children's fights,
Even for a trash can,
When we were in the first grade,
From EMEF Professor Isabel Ferreira. (1974)
I remember when my father (In memoriam),
He was admitted to the Santa Monica Hospital,
You and I often on that dirt road,
We were singing "Eu Me Rendo" by Fábinho.
I remember you introduced me to your uncle,
And, for a few months,
I became your aunt.
Rita, I want to thank you for everything,
I know we live in the Missionary Village,
On different streets,
That your life with seven children, widow, was not easy.
And, I didn't lose a husband,
But two beautiful children,
One that was a miscarriage,
But, I confess, I feel like I killed my baby.
The other, my Gabi, and so God left me with 3 little creatures to educate.
You know, friend, I confess, I was not able to teach everything.
I wish for us to have a manual to educate,
But, life has given us blessings,
And now, time just reminds us.
Rita, friend, in my life I had other friends Ritas, but you since you were a child, and I know that your mother gave me injections every day, it was still those syringes that we had to disinfect in hot water.
It was supposed to be scolding, on the contrary,
I thank Dona Alzira Soares (In Memoriam), because for her injections, thank God I am here.
Friend, I've written you so many poems, acrostics, and yet another poetic prose,
May life offer you blessings and beauties,
And that one day,
We can meet again,
I know I followed my life, my studies, my poems,
But, I have never forgotten you and your family.
May you Rita, may you have peace, health and victories, because you deserve my great friend.

Handwritten poetry on July 31, 2020.
I offer to all professors, managers of EMEF Profª Isabel Vieira Ferreira from 1974 onwards.
For my friend's family.
For readers, for friends, for people to make their dreams come true.
I thank God for everything.

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