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I am asked why I am happy without arms and legs,
I am asked why I have a wide smile, since I cannot speak.
I am asked why I love, without lyrics to learn.
I am asked why I see the heart, without saying anything.
Yes, I have my human, earthly limitations,
But it’s worth remembering that I’m composed of soul,
And, I have a lot of learning to teach and learn.
I know that many attempts by the Society were to reject me,
Until I bury it alive,
But, I survive in the heart of God.
If I was born that way, it was to teach you how to have:
Healthcare And Medicine,
And not only want material goods.
I am special to GOD yes!
And, I remember that He said:
"Get up and walk!"
And I do this with all the limitations I have,
And, what did you do to be happy?
Happiness is not in the saved gold,
But, in the soul treasure,
And, that the world has taught us well.

Handwritten poetry in São Paulo, August 3, 2020.
Today transcribed for these sites.
For Amanda from Literare Books, for Dr. Maria Dolores Fortes, Wilson Sabino, Arnaldo, and many others who are special to us, and fighters, to my cousin Antônio Ferreira, amputated for having Diabetes, lives in Portugal.
The first lady Michele Bolsonaro, for the struggle for inclusion, and the language of Libras. To Michele and Obama, and for all who suffered in the wars over territories, especially in Syria.
Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro, mother, wife, daughter, chemistry teacher and writer.
FAVENI faculty, my Jequiti clients, and all readers.

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