God of Our Salvation

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By awesome deeds through righteousness,
O God of our salvation;
The hope of all with blessedness,
Building a righteous foundation.

The hope to the ends of the earth,
And beyond of the farthest seas;
Showing to us of its true worth,
Calming fears putting us at ease.

The One who by His strength and might,
His strength established the mountains;
Being girded with force by light,
Quenching our thirst with fountains.

He stills the seas roaring their waves,
Able to calm tumult people;
And will resurrect them from graves,
For those with faith in the Gospel.

Those who dwell in uttermost parts,
Are in awe at His keepsake signs;
He makes the going out with hearts,
With joy of His glory that shines.

God visits the earth to water it,
Nourishes soil to enrich;
To provide grain through His merit,
A lush harvest without a glitch.

He abundantly waters the fields,
Softening the grounds with showers;
Blessing of the harvest that yields,
Covering a blanket of flowers.

He crowns the year with His bounty,
Paths overflow with abundance;
Increasingly fertility,
For His caring has evidence.

Wilderness pastures overflow,
The hills rejoice every side;
A luscious joy as all things grow,
The ultimate farmer as guide.

The meadows clothed themselves with flocks,
Valleys deck themselves with the grain;
They shout for joy as one talks,
Singing together in the rain.

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer

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