The Message of the Cross

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The Word of the cross is folly,
To all those who are perishing;
But to any who are holy,
Saving power is cherishing.

He will kill wisdom of the wise,
Thwart discernment of discerning;
Nothing prudent within their eyes,
No longer will they be learning.

Where would be the one who is wise,
Where is the debater today;
Where does the scribe hides in disguise,
For the foolish do not obey.

The wisdom of God is unknown,
Unto the world of what we preach;
For saving who believe alone,
Through the folly of what we teach.

Jews demand signs and Greeks wisdom,
Since they look for physical proof;
The existence of the Kingdom,
They have heard ever since their youth.

We preach that Christ was crucified,
A stumbling block for Greeks and Jews;
Making no sense on why He died,
How God allows them to abuse.

But to all of those who are called,
The power and wisdom of God;
Christ had sacrificed for those flawed,
Saving those who honor and laud.

The folly of God is wiser,
Than all men living on the earth;
His weakness always mightier,
Than all men that were given birth.

Not many of you have been wise,
Nor many born of noble birth;
But are still precious in God’s eyes,
More than the treasures of this earth.

Whoever boasts, boast in the Lord,
Whose wisdom gave us righteousness;
Sanctified be loved and adored,
Remaining in your consciousness.

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer

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