Total isolation and microscopic warfare

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Total isolation and microscopic warfare

Suddenly, I think, and in this panic-free existence, we are in the middle of the 21st century, where people were born isolated on their cell phones, talk to strangers about their life, and forget to greet their parents, grandparents, siblings. Now in the coronavirus era, people are more isolated, and many who already had depression end up getting worse.
It is time to stop, yes, to stay at home, to separate aiguinhos and alumni from coming to my house, or of my children to go to the friends' houses.
Since Tuesday, March 17, 2020, I haven't been to the school where I work anymore, first because I have low resistance, and I got scolded by a colleague, second I live in the same yard with my 82-year-old mother, and seeing the aggravating situation, I simply preferred to stay here.
But, I keep asking myself about our isolation, I see that, even those who do not believe in prophecies, looked for them, and I remember old songs, which I heard as a child, Sá and Guarabira, "It hurts the day when the sea ​​will also come from the sertão ... ", and Raul Seixas' own composition, genius, Bahian, Brazilian, ahead of his time, with the partnership of the friend and writer Paulo Coelho, the lyrics of the song in the link above," O Dia when the Earth stopped! " Yes, we are experiencing these days, and I observe, we are separating from the brothers, from the friends, from the neighbors, ... in a way that I never imagined in my childhood, where there were no high walls, only a fence, to hold the chickens, homemade breeding, or delimiting, but today the order is to isolate oneself, and to know that there are heroes within our body, leukocytes, white blood cells, fighting to defend our bodies, and heroes, such as health agents, doctors, pharmacists, firefighters, cleaning employees (from schools, such as Dona Geni and Patrícia Martins: from nurses and nurses, from hospitals, and from home, day laborers - a tribute here to actress Cláudia Rodrigues - https://istoe.com.br/claudia-rodrigues -and-withdrawal-from-clinic-for-the-coronavirus / - recent news of the actress who has an autoimmune disease - and who has experienced the life of a diarist in various humor programs). Besides, of course, our policemen, prison agents, organizational agents, nursing assistants, nurses, and even the reporters for being on the front line, to try to save us from a being that in Nature, but parasitized in another living being , try to imagine a bean, now rice, a grain of sand, ... the virus is a little bigger than an atom, that for the Greeks the atom, is the smallest part of Matter - remembering that matter is everything has mass and volume. Imagine a being that can only be seen through an electron microscope, a universe, that who watched Ant Man remembers him staying at the microscopic level, trying to show and warn that although we don't see the air, we feel it, even though we don't see the viruses, they they end up killing, and the worst is made possible for those who have other diseases.
Just now I saw a commercial about medication, please do not self-medicate, look for a doctor, because although the coronavirus is a flu virus, and historically, we have been through the Spanish, avian, H1N1, and many others, remember if: Hygiene care, care not to self-medicate, are essential, in our world of isolation, to turn to the myths of the cave.
So, try to fight in a different way, in order to be a sanitary person, in order to show solidarity with yourself, remove processed foods, eat fruit, papaya, pear, banana, and have a good diet as the personal says ( https://www.facebook.com/luciana.plbarreto), in short, let's fight the good fight, and have faith, to continue to live, and after all that, reflect and be more concerned with the Environment, and how I saw a post received by whatsapp from a friend and my coordinator Sueli Cãndido, "Everything passes." A phrase from Chico Xavier (
So, I finish this text, let us remain isolated, but let us say our prayers, in favor of the tiny, invisible enemy, who can decimate the most powerful army.
Tereza Cristina G Castro,
Chemistry teacher, environmentalist, writer, spiritualist.
Watch if you can: http://www.adorocinema.com/filmes/filme-126871/trailer-18811652/


Reflect, and thank you for reading me.
Remember I researched some things, but ask the doctors for information, and watch news that give accurate information, do not spread fake news, or false news, I end up posting on whats messages, alarming audios, but thanks to God, my sister-in-law Amália gave me an ear tug. We do it almost automatically, and look that the other day at ATPC, coordinator Elaine Cristina and I talked about it, how to teach ICT, and the use of social networks, but why does our brain do that? I can't even say, people more intellectual than me end up falling into the traps of fakes news. Sorry, I even wrote a text about it: https://www.recantodasletras.com.br/artigos-de-saude/6877796, we have to be extra careful, and together we will win, after all: Tudo Passa.
Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro
São Paulo, March 23, 2020.
Peace, good and health to all of us.

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