Personalities of people.

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Personalities of people.

I'm reading a book with a spiritist philosophy: Rodolfo Calligaris' family life, where I came across a chapter: Types of personalities, and sincerely reading the references, I can say that the majority of people today, whether rich or poor, they have tripolarity, tripersonality, of course many times, one speaks louder than the others, such as the authoritarian and the aggressive, who in the current conjuncture of real facts, the feminicids are there, in a dose of possession, to be superior to the other, but the fact is that, as my husband showed me in a post on the face, the woman was created from the rib of Adam, and must not be superior, or inferior, she must be neither in front nor behind the beloved, but on the side , to enrich together in divine wisdom.
We will understand a little of each personality, you see, this is my source, the book in which I am reading and creating parallels with my life, with my children, with my attitudes, there are n other parameters, which can be reflected in the world of each one.
The copy of this reading is from November 1985, I was in the last year of high school, and a lot has changed since then, but when it comes to personalities, I believe not.
Try to identify yourself with one of them, who knows, you may be a little bit of each one, and define yourself. Are we going to read each one?
Aggressive - Subject to frequent bouts of cholera, in which you fight, criticize, provoke, curse, control yourself and even beat those who are within reach of your hands (or feet). Irritation, easily aggravates, creating an environment of embarrassment, malaise and nervous tension around you. (ad hoc - not wanting to be the owner of knowledge, but most cases of men murdering their women, their ex-partners, ex-girlfriends, are aggressive, have excessive power to control everything, and they think they own the other person ; nor am I a mother, I own my children, let alone my husband !!! Teka Castro).
Authoritarian - which is characterized by arrogance and firmness: it imposes, intransigently, its will; he does not bow to arguments and reasons that prove him wrong, nor does he go back on his decisions; orders and coordinates, commands and commands everything. (ad hoc: the majority of presidential candidates in the Americas, such as the current president of Brazil. Teka Castro).
Jealous - typical of an insecure person, with neurosis of character or inferiority complex. He does not support that others are better endowed (favored) with affection, just as, not believing much in their own attributes, with which possible rivals, he is always afraid that they will steal the object of his love. A little delay, a gesture of courtesy, or a smile, given or received from colleagues, friends and even relatives, is enough for you to produce "scenes", which by force of being repeated, can lead the "other" to despair. (Reflection: I used to be a lot like that, today I see this issue reflected in my children. I am assuming that jealousy can be a genetic factor. My brother, you know how jealous he was. Teka Castro).
Enthusiast - one who is excited and loves life; nurtures beautiful ideals and fights for them; he does not allow himself to be overwhelmed by possible setbacks, nor does he wait for opportunities to improve his situation; on the contrary, it creates conditions for success with faith in yourself, your efforts and your perseverance. (It is difficult to find someone like that, especially in my profession: Professor at SEESP. Teka Castro).
Folgazão - cheerful, playful, expansive, who likes to tell and hear jokes, does not take anything seriously and, whatever the circumstance, always finds reasons to laugh, giving the impression of being somewhat or irresponsible . (In memoriam Carlos de Jesus Ferreira, cousin, older brother, whom he loved very much, and Olivier Venâncio. They were the most incredible guys I knew and who had this personality, but they were very responsible, yes. Teka Castro).
Implicant - what is always implying and scolding everyone about everything. With one, because he didn't wipe his feet when he entered the house; with another, because he did not put the scissors back in place; with this one, because lunch was served five minutes late; with that one, why do you delay in the mirror, etc ... etc ... etc ... (In memoriam my Father: Francisco da Silva Mendes. But I affirm the question of aging, it makes us more implicating. Teka Castro)
Maternal - evidenced by protective attitudes; he extends his care and tenderness to everyone around him and treats his spouse as if he were a child.
Sweet - always affable, caring, calm, gentle, thoughtful, in delicate ways, unable to raise his voice or lose his patience.
Passive - the apathetic without a will, following the "laissez-faire" (lets do it); comments on his problems with everyone, in the hope that someone will solve them for or for him.
Pessimist - who is inclined to distrust, for fear of being deluded in his feelings or hurt in his interests; he is always making a bad judgment of his neighbor; he expects the worst of all, faces the facts of existence invariably because of their less happy aspects and, when asked to give his opinion on the coexistence of any achievement, he only knows how to discourage, demerit, demolish.
Susceptible - he who is easily touched, takes any inattention to his person as an offense, sulks for a long time for a "give that straw", thus making it extremely difficult to maintain a spontaneous and pleasant relationship with him.
Shy - who, out of bashfulness or cowardice, avoids showing up, demonstrating what he knows, intervening in conversations, assuming a leadership position, etc., needing to be "pushed" even to claim liquid and certain rights.
As you can see, each one has several moments, several feelings, and in that we can have variations of personality.
And in today's world, where most people wash dirty clothes on social media, be it from the simplest to the most complex being.
So, we can change little by little, and see our purposes for the betterment of Planet Earth, and for ourselves.

Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro.
Chemistry teacher, Psychopedagogue and writer.
São Paulo, March 11, 2020.

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