Teacher will no longer be able to retire

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Teacher will no longer be able to retire

After March 3, recalling the time of the dictatorship, teachers on the streets, organizational agents (former inspectors), prison officers, and other São Paulo and São Paulo employees went in front of ALESP, trying to prevent the new pension reform, where it increases the time of all civil servants, but, I remind you, teachers and all education professionals, even those who work in a bureaucratic way, on boards, in the education department itself, should be differentiated.
Nobody more than us teachers, we know what we go through in classrooms, or in school spaces, say, I am not a Physical Education teacher, but, my colleagues in the area spend hard times, on the courts, in fact, where I work, nor can I say that there is a court, it has a pavement, a hoop, and a crossbar for football, but it doesn’t have a cover, a fence, a space for students to change and put on appropriate clothes for Physical Education, and above all, in last reform that had, in addition to the materials, funds were diverted, for sure, because they made a ramp, which is not even five years old, is depredated, is finished. Well, that is the court, where many heroes, Physical Education teachers, perform miracles, and it is not today, in the school where I work, which is EE Prof. Dr. Lauro Pereira Travassos, not to mention that there are several spaces, that other heroes, teachers, Rosemary, EdJ Júnior, try to make the garden project, and besides other environments, that end up being degraded by the community itself. I am tired of seeing the sacrifices of many teachers, in order to have a little more income, subject to entering a school at seven, flying out of the same 12h and 35min. and rush into another at 1 pm. This is massive, a physical and mental disadvantage for teachers in São Paulo, which many have 10 different classes with 40 students, apart from those who are students with reduced capacity, or the so-called special students, which we know today are the countless disorders , syndromes, which have the genetic question, the physical question and the environment, other than that, they are children and adolescents played in the room to give numbers, but there is no respect for LBI ( http://www.planalto.gov.br/ccivil_03/_ato2015-2018/2015/lei/l13146.htm ), and think that teachers have to do it.
It comes with projects that worked in full-time schools, but in schools that this year, classes were increased, and the time was reduced, they think that all parents accept comfortably, there should first be pilot rooms, not played right away. expensive for everyone, not to mention the São Paulo curriculum (http://www.escoladeformacao.sp.gov.br/portais/Portals/84/docs/pdf/curriculo_paulista_26_07_2019.pdf) and Inova (https: //inova.educacao. sp.gov.br/), which was simply created to give more prominence to youth, I have teenage children and many from the school where I work, come to my house, I realize that these young people are mediatists, know technology, in the sense of memes , who until now I don't really know what it is, use social networks to promote messes, "trash-funks" balls, fights ..., but it is a minority that does something positive on social networks.
And yet, even so, the law that defines our retirement was passed, in the middle of a war, where our fellow police soldiers, who are many, sorry in the same shit, end up assaulting Education professionals, as if we were bandits, and just we have chalk, blackboard and books as our weapons.
Now the time has increased, and we don't have FGTS, and we have to contribute 14% of our salary, and moreover, education is aging, losing employees, because with a base salary of R $ 2999.00, whoever wants really be a teacher?
We have no perks, even when we get sick, we are often treated as lazy, and without health, without money, we are surviving the shortage of a facist, psdbist government that for 25 years has been in power ending Paulista Education.
See the link below on how the pension reform was: https://pleno.news/brasil/cidades/reforma-da-previdencia-de-sp-comeca-a-valer-neste-sabado.html - https: // www.google.com/search?q=como+foi+a+vota%C3%A7%C3%A3o+na+alesp&oq=como+foi+a+vota%C3%A7%C3%A3o+na+alesp&aqs= chrome..69i57j0l7.16170j0j7 & sourceid = chrome & ie = UTF-8
Article by the professor graduated in Chemistry at the network since 1988, and writer Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro.
São Paulo, March 7, 2020.
I offer all public servants, especially teachers, mothers, who often have triple journeys to survive everyday life.

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