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"Good morning. Peace and well. I have been a professor at SEESP since 1988, I am 52 years old. I was readapted due to dysphonia, after so many years teaching. I love teaching, teaching Chemistry Discipline, but my voice and health are no longer there And, I see you want to increase years so that a teacher can retire, I would really like at least a week to change places with you, and you go to a classroom with 40 teenagers, or preteens, having children with special needs, without any other assistance, and earning what we earn today, in my case base salary of R $ 2999.00, with thirty years of profession.
It would be good not to vote in favor of this reform that the Dória government wants, because if you have a little knowledge it was thanks to a teacher. And, I am not going to ask you not to vote, only for teachers from São Paulo, but for organizational agents, for GOEs, for directors, supervisors and others. For health officials, as we are not here to help the population, and I remind you that you are civil servants, why don't you lower your wages, and share them with other employees?
Well, I may not be physically with my fight colleagues at ALESP today, but rest assured, I am in my thoughts, and I ask that you never vote in favor of this reform. Ah. Not to mention, that there was no salary increase promised by the governor in our salaries this March. That, it hurts the soul. Please treat us with dignity.
Tereza Cristina G Castro, teacher and writer. "

I forwarded it to ALESP -
Dear Citizen,

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