Alexia Cristina

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Alexia Cristina

Daughter, my firstborn dear, I don't know why we fought so much, but, I tell you with an open heart, what happened when I was pregnant with you.
In 1997, I did get pregnant, but after seven weeks and four days, someone spontaneously lost it, blew through the vagina, when I went to pee at the Hospital Nossa Senhora de Lourdes (Actual São Luís). I suffered a lot. And, doctors asked me not to try to get pregnant for at least a year.
But, God knows what he does and we are unaware of the mysteries He has, because, well I got pregnant, and even before any ultrasound, I knew by intuition that it was a beautiful couple that evolved in my womb. One had straight hair and the other curly, one tasted sweeter and the other salty. But, you hurried to come to this world, and on December 29, summer time, there I was with you at the Hospital Santa Joana, in Paraíso, close to Paulista, and the doctors in a precise cesarean section because I was in pre eclampsia, they had to perform it, and you and Gabriel, came and I wrote and remembered, my eyes water, because a film is playing in my mind.
You, my princess stayed seventeen days between ICU and semi intensive, and Gabi forty seven days ...
I saw many things in the moments that I could visit you, and caress you, and you struggled a lot, and with each kilogram you acquired I would thank God.
Daughter, you are a blessing and I can't help saying that, I thank Christ for you exist and a lot to teach me, but even in our conflicts of generations, our fights, remember I am always your best friend.
Sometimes I am upset, because GOD, at the same time that he gave me, or rather lent me two rare jewels, He took, took Gabriel back, after two years ten months, ... It is sad to see you and not to see Gabi. But, I know that he is the angel that takes care of you and that protects you from everything in this world, my daughter.
Daughter, you are special, and now in your "adulthood" to the world, because for me you are my baby still, I want to teach you even more, wish you peace and show that the world is cruel, friends are not faithful, they pass often, but mom and dad are always there to protect, to hold hands, to show the world what it is like.
You daughter, Alexia Cristina is one of the best gifts I got / borrowed from God and it will be hard to lose you.
Daughter, as I love your brothers, I love and admire you a lot, you are my princess, masterpiece of the Creator of life.

Poetry Handwritten on 7/19/2017.
Today 2/2/2020 - transcribed for this site.
Alexia Cristina has the gift of dancing, so never give up on the stage, you are an amazing dancer! Love you.
God bless you my princess.
Teka Castro, mother, teacher and writer.
Thanks to the readers, the doctors of the hospitals involved, and my family. To my friends: Fancisco and Célia Campos - Godfathers of Alexia, Angela Maria Brasília Henriques and João Marcos G Mendes - Godfathers of Gabriel.
Grateful for everything.
God bless them.

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