New Decade: Hope, Health and God Trust

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New Decade: Hope, Health and God Trust

January 1, 2021, The world has something unusual to expect.
Health, the cure of so many diseases, Peace between beliefs, Equality of Human Beings, Human Race, with its colors, with its desires and its loves.
The Healing of covid-19, which emerged in late 2019 in China, Wuhan, but spread, changed in 2020 the whole world, revolutionized, gave credit to Sciences, nurses, doctors, the resilience of so many others in the hospital, the staff who clean the hospitals, each room, each room, those who provide food, for the support of Health workers.
Anyway, behind the scenes of those on the front line, fighting for the cure of the covid.
But now, January 1st. I see the clouds in the sky, the singing of the outfit Conjunto Nova, which had Paulinho, vocalist, left for the covid, but his voice travels the world, his singing, and the partnership with Serginho, all with such affection, unparalleled voices.
The time he did looking back on us.
2020, we shouldn't forget, it was a great learning experience.
It is for us to thank, to have more confidence in God, not to fight for beliefs, religious men, they want power, to manipulate the weakened mind of the people.
For this reason, I renew the desire to seek EDUCATION, the best KNOWLEDGE, instead of asking for material wealth, let us ask like SOLOMON in WISDOM chapter 9, Wisdom, because the other things come with it.
And, now in 2021, let us ask for Health for ourselves, for Scientists (in memoriam to Russian Scientists who committed suicide or who were killed in search of the Sputnik vaccine) and nobody knows what happened, but, only God, they gave their lives for us.
2020, it was with refinement a year, that many saw that Education Professionals are important and are needed, no matter if it is the inspector who takes the card, or the kitchen "aunt" who prepares the food for the students to eat in the playground , or the teacher who scolds, fights, but always wants the best for his students. Not to mention the Management, Mediation, Coordinators, Secretariat that attends parents, or grandparents who lately are being more responsible for grandchildren.
So, with affectionate desire in that first poetry, poem, poetic prose, whatever my concrete words are that 2021, a new decade, a new dawn, the pleasure even with pain in my hands and arms for writing, my vows of hope, that we are as pure as newborn children and that we have a lot of resilience in our lives.
Children, do not forget about Nature, Healing comes from it, but do not kill it anymore, because if we continue, to devastate it with scrupulous ends, the cure can be fatal, deadly to human beings, and in the world reign beings who do not need O2 (Oxygen) to breathe.

São Paulo, January 1, 2021 - 11h and 56 m. Handwritten.

Today 1/7/2021 - transcribed for these sites.
I offer in particular the birthday girl of today one of my publishers Silvia Mota, to José Maria Cravo, a friend, a former high school math teacher from my first-born Alexia Cristina, and to the other birthdays of that January, as my co-parent Célia Campos.


Poem by Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro

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