Urban weaknesses

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Urban weaknesses

Elections serve to elect a candidate from the people, for power.
But how can we believe candidates who have already committed atrocities, and who hide their faces, their truths?
We have candidates in São Paulo like Márcio França, who had been vice governor, governor, and the 10.15% increase in São Paulo's professorship, was shelved once again.
We have this Joice, a journalist, but for a moment, she put her thoughts in the open, and repudiated the teachers, not to mention Russomano, and others, who make the public condition, her millions, while we, humble, true employees, we pass with bread.
I keep imagining to be a street sweeper, a civil servant for cleaning streets and culverts, must have studied now until high school, and take a contest, because for the politician, mayor, governor, president, one does not have the same duty to take public exam ? Perhaps because no one would actually pass.
I already wanted to get into politics, but, I must understand that I'm not only there to defend my interests, but the people who would elect me.
But, as I am frank, I would talk about the family, about even greater earnings for women with pairs, triple journeys, I would talk about the Environment, I would not like to discuss with the drug lord about building on top of the city streams and still win for it.
He would go further, he would say that the teacher should win as mayors, deputies, be more valued, he would defend the union of networks, and this one only with a school network, and study more about inclusion, rotate coordinators every two years, both from city ​​hall as well as the state, changing the concept of owning a room, valuing management, and having active members and valuing since cleaning the floor of the rooms, the snack made, which was not always a cookie, at the time I entered the school, there was a dentist, there was a delicious lunch, as it was a snack, today the school has become not a knowledge factory, but food for those who do not have it.
I ask that you understand the school is still for passing on knowledge and valuing Life.
Food, medicine, assistance, we have to take the social, the participation of everyone, and do not give this job to the employee and teacher of Education.
Take into account that organizational agents, previously inspectors, were so valued, and in the past they went to the home of the defaulting student, nowadays, some people flock and do not even walk around the school anymore, to find out if the teacher in the last room needs of something. It's all wrong.
Today we are urban weak, without life, without memory, and there is a lot of mimimis out there.
Then, I remember the Bible verse: "Happy is the Nation whose God is the Lord!" But, here they become religious, they are more liars, and they are not with the same examples of Christ, (Ghandi, Muhammad) or whatever, a great and peaceful Earth God who walks and plants Peace.
Today religious wars for material goods, and I just wanted God to take that cup away from me, but we have to follow his will.
I remember the words of Christ: "Give to Caesar, what is Caesar's, Give to God what is GOD's!"
Today, any church has become a market, a policy, and I see only Indians still with bows, arrows, and their dances, their hopes, and the protection of Vida da Mata, of rivers, eat what the Forest gives to eat, no the industrialized one that comes across in our stomach, causing the production of more sulfuric acid and that leads to gastritis (inflammation of the stomach walls, where food is distributed to other body regions, if it is inflamed what else can happen?)
Anyway, we have urban weaknesses, our children don't follow our advice, and the mirror is broken.
The untruths of such influencers, the logic already without algebra, and life makes me passerby of this space called the city, but, in truth, my rural soul wanders through thought and such.
I remember that I write, I vent, I trace my path, I have lived among thorns, wounded I am following Life in this divine work called Faith.

Handwritten on the First of November of two thousand and twenty in my office, in São Paulo, at approximately ten o'clock.

Recalling the elections that will take place on 11/15.
Let there be faith and prayer to ask for peace, not only here in the elections, but also in the United States.
Tereza Cristina G Castro

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