Dealing Honestly

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When you reap harvest of your land,
Do not reap right up to the edge;
Nor gather gleanings where you stand,
Leaving what grows next to the hedge.

You shall not strip the vineyard bare,
Neither gather the fallen grapes;
So that the sojourner can share,
And the poor gather the landscapes.

You shall steal not nor deal falsely,
Nor shall lie to one another;
Never treating them angerly,
But consider as your brother.

Never falsely swear to His name,
The name of God being profane;
Consider to always proclaim,
For a blessing to you attain.

You shall not oppress your neighbor,
Hired workers not stay all night;
Rather help them with their labor,
To finish before the moonlight.

You shall not be cursing the deaf,
A stumbling block before the blind;
After you eat flatter the chef,
For a meal that was refined.

Do no injustice when in court,
Impartial to the poor or the great;
Never twist the facts or distort,
For any wrong you compensate.

Never go around to slander,
Nor standing against your neighbor;
When talking do not meander,
Your accomplishments of labor.

Hate not your brother in your heart.
With your neighbor reason frankly;
Praise the Lord each day as you start,
Never starting out as bleakly.

Take no vengeance or bear a grudge,
Rather to your neighbor show love;
Allowing only God to judge,
Such evil actions from above.

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer

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