Palm Sunday

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Palm Sunday

For the first time in history
The branches no longer blessed in churches,
We cannot have agglomerations.
The coronavirus has changed our own intentions.
Christian churches that at the time Pascal,
Represent the Feast of Christ
at the entrance to Jerusalem,
Today pastors pray with their portable cameras,
And, they bless in a virtual way,
In real time.
Today the Consecrated Host,
It is blessed in the casual food of each home, each family.
Today Palm Sunday,
There will be no agglomerations,
But, it will be present in the hearts
From people who don't forget,
And, the love of plants,
Being gifts from God
It increases in my being.
I don't have to pull it out of the ground,
But, there it is to remember
From that moment,
In which Christ not only enters the city,
But, in fact in our hearts without having other trivial intentions.

Peace, good and health,
April 5, 2020 - it will be Palm Sunday, leave a plant even in the pot, and at the time of consecration, consecrate that life, yes life, because plants, vegetables are God's masterpieces, and are like us living beings .
May God bless each home, each person with love, focus and faith, and hope that everything will pass.
Handwritten poetry today 3/4/2020.
I offer all the parish priests I met in my life, especially the Fathers: Sandro - 1985 - Padre João - 1998 - 2001 - Nossa Senhora Aparecida Parish - Jardim Pedreira.
Padres Natal - and John - and the current parish priest of São Francisco Xavier - Padre Ricardo - from Rio, who celebrated my wedding, Padres Juarez and Marcelo Rossi, not to mention Bishop Dom Fernando.
Lots of light to everyone.


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