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For: Katia Dos Santos Geraldo Quiteria Karla Viana Angela Henriques Sueli Aparecida Candido Paula Mylene Barros Rose Franco Walkiria Pictures Santos Wemerson Xavier Bishop Angela Maria Angela Mattos Maria Helena Andrade. Simone Borges. Irene Gloe Dizioli Dayana Mendes ... Too bad they are only now seeing that these children / teens need more time for everything. The 2018 Enem - already did that, and thank you for my son for participating, now we have to fight harder. It is important for parents and teachers to know how to lead these students. I still have a trace of hurt, that my son stayed in philosophy and history, last year, first, I had no philosophy teacher, because he was entering the state as Director, and unfortunately was very absent. And one teacher gave 1, it hurt, because this teacher did not stay all month, and for the person I admire, still the history teacher, I talked a lot about how to do with him, but it seems that father and mother, are despised when we are teaching. We have to change our attitude soon, because surely children and adolescents will come, with other worse disorders. Let's study more. I, as a mother, need to study and as a teacher, even more so. Thank you for everything, despite the negative, this for me has turned into positivity, as I see Inclusion in much broader aspects today.
This is not a time I am cursing, but asking them to pay attention to these Children, after all, they are the ones that make us teachers ostracize to seek new knowledge.
I apologize if I hurt someone, I pray God they don't have specials in their families, because they are precious, and God gave me not only one, but one that has been in God's arms for 18 years.

Hugs from mother first, writer and teacher Téka Castro

Sao Paulo, November 28, 2019.

16h 08min.

Regarding the face posting today: https://www.agazeta.com.br/es/gv/alunos-com-hiperativ-vao-ter-mais-tempo-para-fazer-provas-no-es-1119?fbclid = IwAR2S16zJ8FfNJQO0o5GSIg1MPcvi9i2b4W9U1jMj4hgU5yMJcp0d4Wl44b4

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