Alessandra de Jesus Gonçalves

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Alessandra de Jesus Gonçalves

Alessandra, God created her to be part of our family,
Taking her to have two more blessed masterpieces.
Hopes for the future renewed.
You feel pain, love, discomfort,
You miss people who made you who you are.
Spontaneously loves life,
In the world of soul pains,
Last your calm in
Resonances for the existence of life,
Just like your serene human soul.

In an innovative way,
Wait on the prosperous GOD and Savior.

Justifies the lack of a higher study,
Being in domestic and tiring chores.
Seduces the inner smile,
Anointed with the Greater Love.
Feel hope in your soul.

You like life, you smile.
Hear the voice of God in silence.
Nothing shakes you unless you mess with your family.
Chestguard of fire, and love.
Angels protect you from everything.
Leading from green pastures to deep rivers.
Brave in your stage of pain,
Wait with resilience and
Wisdom in God, our Savior.

To my sister-in-law who is going through a difficult phase, but not impossible with God.
Thanks for everything.
May Christ enlighten your world.
Thank you for my beautiful nephews, and for loving my brother, I thank and ask God to give you much wisdom to face these days and these pains.
Happy Birthday.
A small acrostic gift for you with all affection.
Miss you.

São Paulo, April 13, 2020.
Author: Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro.
Image: Alessandra (t-shirt with straps) next to Santa Claus with the children at Christmas at our house.

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