Love and Faith

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I thank my God to remember,
Remembering you in my prayers;
While we strive through December,
We look unto the Lord who cares.

Because I hear about your love,
And the love you have toward the Lord;
As well as all the saints thereof,
True fellowship not be ignored.

I pray the sharing of belief,
May become skilled for full wisdom;
Every good thing with no grief,
Because of Christ and His Kingdom,

I have derived joy and comfort,
From Christian love of my brother;
The hearts of saints refreshed effort,
For fellowship with each other.

Though I am bold enough in Christ,
Commanding you on what to do;
By never becoming enticed,
That earthly desires pursue.

I appeal unto my child,
Whose father became imprisoned;
Not to become weirdly wild,
Become heavenly envisioned.

I would have been glad in keeping,
In order that you are serving;
A harvest that you are reaping,
Although we are not deserving.

I prefer on doing nothing,
Without the consent of the Lord;
In order what goodness will bring,
For keeping us in one accord.

To whom will we have to retain,
That in the stead been ministered;
Serving is not to entertain,
But in the Gospel be anchored.

For this reason, we must not part,
Our fellowship not sever;
Remaining for a pure in heart,
For a fellowship forever.

No longer as a bondservant,
Rather as a level above;
Being spiritually fervent,
Express to the Lord of your love.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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