Glory to God

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Not to us, O Lord, not to us,
Rather to your name give glory;
For your steadfast love as thus,
Lord God who is exemplary.

Of such love that is faithfulness,
Others wonder where is their God;
There is nothing to them will bless,
Because of it being a fraud.

Our God is up in the Heaven,
He does to all that He pleases;
All the blessings He has given,
Anxiety and stress eases.

Their idols are silver and gold,
Created work of human hands;
They have mouths but have never told,
The people of what their demands.

They have mouths but can never speak,
They have eyes but can never see;
The people come but cannot seek,
Guidance of the things that shall be.

They have noses but cannot smell,
They have ears but can never hear;
They cannot walk from where they dwell,
Approaching them nothing to fear.

They have hands but can never touch,
They have feet but can never walk;
No sound can be made in as much,
From their throat unable to talk.

Those who make them become like them,
So, do all who will put their trust;
Not aware that God will condemn,
For idolatry that they lust.

All of you must trust in the Lord,
He is your help and is your shield;
Let His commands be not ignored,
Blessings be abundant yield.

Everyone in the Lord trust,
He is your help and renders aid;
Because He is faithful and just,
Calms your fears be not afraid.

For you who are fearing the Lord,
Give Him your confidence and trust;
So, you can be in one accord,
Enabled to avoid the lust.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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