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Everaldo ( Luana) - He died because he acquired HIV. Homage to a special person I met.
Today in 2019, the poetry is transcribed here, I apologize to many colleagues still for my pre-concept, but friendship, tenderness, simplicity of life makes me review this new world.


I met you, in a moment of venturing...
In "failure," why study physics..,
And in people's incorrect prejudice..,
Who call themselves educators.
You who gradually learned to love,
Like a great friend,
Blessed today in this poetry.
And, with joy, wishing that you find someone special.
After all, you deserve it.
I know of your sexual choice,
And, that this scares, even you,
Since you're very handsome.
But in your heart, a female heart beats,
Accelerate and in the watercolor of your transformation,
A sensitive emotion that shines.
So, accept here a friendship,
Who was conquered on your merits.
And forgive me too for my prejudice.
I can't deny it, homosexuality is still a grief:....
But there are mystical, physical (scientific) explanations for everything.
After all, you are a being of the world.

Written on October 11, 1997.
I don't deny my sexual option, today I am a little more open to it, but also understand my point of view. Luana (Everaldo), like Nascélio (Banana), Isaías, were not only former students, they are friends that I learned to love.
Also to fellow teachers who assume another sexual option present in our days, but we still have a lot to study and learn.
I assume in writing a risk of life, but rather be sincere, than speak ill behind people.
May God bless each one of you, not just hurt the commandments: Love God above all things, facts, and creation; how to love your neighbor as yourself.
Peace and good.
Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro.
SP 4/8/2019. Cold day to review memories and have a good hot chocolate.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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