You, young man

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You, young man

You who don't know the pain of an abortion,
Don't abort!
Know that I spontaneously miscarried,
And I was too shocked!
I feel that my peace is gone too,
It ran into the toilet,
And I didn't provoke,
You're the one who's there ready to introduce into your body,
A needle, and commit this abortion:
Stop and think, if your mother had done the same,
Wouldn't you be here?!!!
Don't do anything.
Now is to hold the wave.
But don't leave him after he's born either,
Yeah, well, this kid depends on you,
And he's gonna teach you a lot.
Gradually you will love her.
Would you like to feel abandoned?
Then don't do it.
Know that if Mary had aborted,
Or rejected, Christ wouldn't have been who he is.
Believe me.
You can change.
Just love and have faith!

Manuscript January 15, 1999.

"Now the weather seems so different. Being a Mother transforms our minds." Phrase handwritten on 15/1/1999.

I offer my former students and now work colleagues: Juliana Dutra, Aline Lima, for my cousin Camila, the trio with babies this year 2019, with the name of Samuel - (Her name is God), have much peace, love, faith.
I also offer to all the birthdays of July, in memoriam my father: Francisco da Silva Mendes.
I offer to @Mariska Hargitay - actress and co-producer of Law and Order Special Victims, and to the whole team since the beginning with their talented actors.
In memoriam the children aborted and murdered in our country, as in Africa, and in other underdeveloped countries.
To doctors, and feminists, think our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, we must sanctify and not mistreat ourselves.
The @TitianePinheiro and family.

São Paulo, July 28, 2019.
Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro, mother, teacher and writer.

Transcribed to 3 internet sites.

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