Similarity to God

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Similarity to God

To what extent can we say that we are like God, if we kill our brother, if we murder everything that was given to us freely by the Work of Creation?
How can we be likened to God if we tell our brothers and sisters that we hate them?
How can we sow to God, and be mean and full of mimicry?
How can we sow God and see our actions as insane and invalid?
Well in Genesis it is written that God made the Light, and saw that it was good, made all His creation and saw that it was good. Then he created man, after having already created the universe of Plants, and of the other animals, besides other kingdoms to be considered, and created Man in His Image and Similarity, so we are, and I do not understand why man allows himself to be carried away by matter, and ends his own life, and planetary life.
Can we understand that?
Or are we still far from being truly mature?
Yes, they are more questions that I trace in my vent than anything else, after all, we are beings that we should be perfect, because our God, and Creator, has done this to us.
But, we are beings that God left free, and in freedom, we made a thousand libertinagens, and we end all the vile existence of our Planet Earth, our school of learning, our home in matter, we are free and we despise - each other. We have to rescue our first love, unite and not put up walls and other barriers.
We have to have the true conception that we await the coming of the Lord again, but our practices do not match what was given to us, or better donated on the Cross, we are ironic, cruel, and we cause our own apocalypse.
I am sure that God sheds His tears in the midst of man, creature, like Him, be in this age, at war with Himself, causing the destruction of ourselves and the planet.
Peace and good.
I offer the spiritualists, like Sérgio and Olga Bucci, Marluce Dutra, Raquel, Maria Helena Andrade, Dr. Carlos Rey, Adilson Mikami, Rosana Zornetta, and many others. Much peace to all.
Téka Castro.
São Paulo, May 23, 2019.
Published at http://escritas.org and http://etastic.com
Site for research: https://www.bibliaon.com/

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