Floods, tree falls, heavy rains, accumulated waste.

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Floods, tree falls, heavy rains, accumulated waste.

Southeast Brazil, another rainy day, tree falls and other damages.
Bitter gall that we went through that in the streets and other places we dumped so many garbage.
We are the worst animals on Earth.
We live on so much technology, but without Education.
And, no good, no, some dear journalists, like André Azeredo, Rodrigo Boccardi, Ananda Aplle, Cesar Tralli, among others, please do not throw garbage in the streets, but people do not want to listen.
They blame the subprefeituras, but they do not do their part.
Today we see that people use it once, and they play around.
Apart from the ecopoints (https://g1.globo.com/sp/sao-paulo/noticia/veja-a-relaco-de-ecopontos-para-jogar-entulho-em-sp.ghtml), where we can take our garbage.
But, it is easier, we play from the window to the streams and make unnecessary expenses with the water.
Today in the art of BDSP, Sabine has demonstrated the question of the usable water level in the reservoirs, the situation of the Cantareira, so precarious.
And, we've accumulated so much junk out there.
We go to the beaches and discard everything, fish and marine animals eat polymers.
And consequently, we also eat.
It's time to move.
We cause floods, we are to blame for the fall of the trees, we raise everything, as they will take root, we choke the same. We're murderers!
So we have to have a bigger space for planting the trees, and knowing how to take care of our trash.
There are already places in the world that recycle almost 100%, and we Brazilians, still in the 1% of this recycling.
Come on, take care of the Middle, for God gave us for free.
And thus, we will have a better world.
We have to know how to plan, and I asked the prefecture to take care and maintain and everyone's obligation.
May we change our habits in every way.
That we do our part.
Peace and good.
I offer all journalists, for their day, April 9, 2019.
Writer Teka Castro.
Cloudy day.
Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.
São Paulo Brazil.
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Two in Portuguese, and one in English.

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