Christian Suffering

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Be not surprised at the trial,
Being fiery as a test;
Do not go into denial,
It is to help you do your best.

As though something strange does occur,
Persevere for reaching your goal;
With the help from God you conquer,
When allowing Him to control.

Rejoice insofar as you share,
You are sharers in suffering;
Be glad and rejoice in prayer,
Jesus is there for buffering.

For when His glory is revealed,
You will be exceeding in joy;
Up until now it has been sealed,
With inheritance to deploy.

If insulted as of His name,
Remember that you have been blessed;
Because His Spirit you proclaim,
Upon you His glory will rest.

But let none of you to suffer,
As a murderer or a thief;
Christ is not with you to buffer,
With giving you any relief.

Evildoers or a meddler,
A busybody in matters;
Is merely an evil peddler,
By the gossiping that scatters.

As a Christian if you suffer,
Let him never be ashamed;
Because Christ is there to buffer,
As His Word is being proclaimed.

The time for judgment to begin,
And if it will begin with us;
Those who are still replete of sin,
A guilty verdict be as thus.

It is proof that you disobey,
Evidence being a sinner;
Too many times had gone astray,
Having not been a discipliner.

Let them suffer as per His will,
Commit the keeping of their soul;
Because His Word did not instill,
Allowing God to be in control.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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