Straw Wedding

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Straw Wedding

Suddenly an unusual friend introduced us to the nearby Church of St. Gertrude, where you and she used to go.
Suddenly, an invitation to go to a vigil in St. Jude Thaddeus Parish, a Sanctuary here in São Paulo, was preached by the new priest Ricardo (Carioca), who dared to speak liberating words, and then, looks crossed between you and me.
A little stamp, in the middle of that beautiful night of evangelization, and since then, we've been together. We dated, engaged on December 23, 1995, at Big Pizza, today it is the Sabara Day supermarket, and on June 29, 1996, at 6 p.m., at Our Lady Aparecida Parish in Jardim Pedreira, we got together in Matrimony. The cold was intense that night, and the one who married us was Father Ricardo, who blessed us on that altar. And, the most beautiful witnesses who blessed us, many have already left.... The memory is often painful, but it is worth remembering, missing, feeling emotions.
Since then, we began our lives, simple, without much money, until today it is like this, but with respect, truth, suffering for losses that in a greater way, we know that spiritually they are present in our lives.
Two children, one that unfortunately by bad formation, or simply by another Divine providence, left my body at seven weeks and four days. And then, our Gabriel, who on November 5, 2019, we know that matter is no longer present, but we feel it spiritually.
Today we have blessings, like Alexia Cristina, our dancer, our little princess, our little mion enchanted doll, 20 years and 6 months old, our prince, Emmanuel, God with us, who one day and 18 hours ago completed 18 years, and our little princess, youngest, Pimentinha como a chamo, Anna Clara, 16 years old, and 7 days, and some hours.
Besides these our angels, dear children, loved ones, God has given us with the children and why not grandchildren: Like Arthur, Wallace's son, and Mateusinho, an ex. neighbor who now lives in Bahia. And the children, in addition to attending the school I teach, are frequenters of the groups of the Church (St. Francis Xavier of the Missionary Village).
I know it seems like straw burns, but it warms us, ennobles us and transforms us every day.
We have had obstacles, as everyone has, but we have assumed our truths, and we have learned to trust each other.
We don't fight over bullshit, you respect me in my emotional and fibromyalgic pains, and I respect your time, your silence many times, and that brings us closer and closer.
You know what goes on in my heart, and in my soul, and I know what you go through.
I know that you have adopted my family throughout these 23 years, and I have adopted yours, problems? Both families have, and are not small, but I thank God for this opportunity to spend another year by your side, because the couple who love each other, not only in bed, in a sexual act, that we show love, is part of passion, but the form of dialogue, of educating our children with affection, of respect between us, makes all the difference. We have had obstacles, losses, resentments, but as Father Zezinho's Song says, let no family end...And let there be respect, freedom, because those who love take care, but LIBERTY, the person is free to live their own ideals.
Eduardo, thank you for everything, for my world, for the affection you have for my mother, and for the respect I had for my father, in short, for being with me.
To the tears fall more of emotion, it is good to have you, and to say, that each day I love you more, and that together we can pray for our children and I asked for them to be honest, respectful, environmentalists, true and above all, they love themselves as their neighbor, and to care for each other.
Edu, thank you for everything, my friend, my life, my love.

São Paulo, June 27, 2019.
18 hours.
Teka Castro.

Thanks to God, Mary Help of Christians (Auxi), Father Ricardo, friends of the parishes mentioned, to the Portuguese-Hispanic family members, to our godfathers at the wedding, to our compadres, to our readers - friends, and especially to our five biological children: Alexia Cristina, Emmanuel and Anna Clara.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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