24 years of blessing

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24 years of blessing

Twenty-four years ago we came across a Vigil at the San Judas Tadeu Sanctuary, yes near the São Judas Station of the Paulistano Subway.
The celebrant Father Ricardo, known as Carioca, from the same ministry of Father Marcelo Rossi, now famous. And Father Ricardo, blessed in his words, for joining two suffering souls, helpless, and that since then, from that First of April of 1995, we are together.
We were married a year and two months later, with the same priest who united us, in Parish Nossa Senhora Aparecida do Jardim Pedreira, it was beautiful. Exs- students, colleagues and friends, not to mention our relatives, that some have already gone to meet their father. We are celebrating weddings, Weddings of Straw, 23 years on June 29, but Opal since we met.
Eduardo, I just want to thank my friend, my friend, the father of my beautiful children, and a wonderful son-in-law for my mother.
Thank you even for your shortcomings, I have several, I am grouchy, I hurt myself, among others, and you know yours.
But I want to declare to you my love, my affection, my friendship, and to thank for all these years that we are companions.
Thank you for your family, that I learned to love, and to thank for the unusual friends we had.
Remember the Maria Auxuliadora, the Auxi, simply, who introduced us, and I was not going to accept that invitation, no.
But as it is written, we had to know ourselves, to have had our joys and sorrows, besides great losses.
But we have overcome, and today we see our beautiful fruits what they have become, and to God I thank this appreciation and I say in a loud and clear tone: I LOVE YOU!
Love of my life, my friend, my companion, excuse me the failures, and together we will conquer another stage of our lives.
May God bless you today and always.
Your wife, Tereza Cristina G M Castro.
Teka Castro.
Peace and good.
São Paulo, April 1, 2019.

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