A Good Servant

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If you put things before brothers,
You are a good servant of Christ;
Training in the words to others,
Faith in doctrine that has enticed.

Have nothing to do that depraves,
Rather be trained for godliness;
Because iniquity enslaves,
In blocking you from holiness.

It gives promise within this life,
As well as into right the next;
For enduring through any strife,
Even when it seems too perplexed.

The faithful say as trustworthy,
Deserving of full acceptance;
For being righteous and holy,
Remaining in full confidence.

To the end we toil and strive,
Because we have a living hope;
Set on a God that is alive,
Through a lifetime having to cope.

A living God as a Savior,
Especially those who believe;
Looks down upon us with favor,
With salvation that we receive.

These things that we command and teach,
Let no one despise of your youth;
For it is the Gospel you preach,
Avoiding those that are uncouth.

Be an example to believers,
Conduct of love and purity;
So, their faith can be perceivers,
Grow in godly maturity.

Devote within public reading,
Of Scripture and exhortation;
Enables you in succeeding,
To become a new creation.

Neglect not the gift God gave you,
It was given as a blessing;
That lets prophecy to hold true,
Of what the future is to bring.

Immerse yourself within these things.
So that all may see your progress;
Remember what persistence brings,
Through the Word the hearers to bless.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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