Dear children

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Dear children

The world with free will often only cries out to me at difficult times, forget that I'm with you too.
Today's world cowards so many dangers, so many teeth grinding.
And, you often in your computerized little world, without hearing the word of your parents, of your loved ones, but charge them for the undeserved gifts.
Dear children, I come in a new era, to carry to you, the value of life, of Nature, of Art, which is necessary everywhere in the world.
I come to remind you of the value of study, the value of respect, the value of duties, and finally the value of rights.
Duties must be carried out not with heavy burdens, but with joy, with the certainty of deserving at the end of the day, that of monthly labor the wages coming with love.
I know that you are suffering and much due to wars, which have now become internetians, among the sovereigns of the respective countries, that today everything seems to be solved by such a social network, which was already very much written to compose our present days.
Man himself seeks peace, and experiences wars every day, in some countries, men find themselves in the power to take the life of woman, of child, but this cannot happen, the world has changed, the Bible in its new testament says: "Love one another as I love you"; "Love your neighbor as yourself". So I don't understand what's in the world. Many drugs? A lot of pre-concepts, a lot of cowardice?
The Eternal Father, whatever his denomination is: Jehovah, Yahweh, Emmanuel, Oxalah, Christ, Allah, Lord, does not give man the power to take his life, or himself, which is a cowardly act, and that of others. Live, little children in peace, live with plentitude. Attitudes must be changed, and finally Life must be valued more.
Little children, pay attention to these words, and respect them with all your heart.
Beloved Sons, pray for the innocent dead in bioterrorist wars, pray for the innocent of the countries of the sons of Abraham, Ishmael, son of the servant of Sarah, and Isaac, father of the twelve tribes of Israel, but after Sarah's death, Abram married again and had other children (after Sarah's death, the patriarch Abraham married Quetura and had concubines with whom he had other children, but none of them became heir to Abraham, for he sent them away still alive, with gifts only (Gen.251-6), therefore the conflicts are since that time, but the nations are daughters of one earthly father: Abram, and of one Divine Father, the Lord, Allah, Yahweh.
Let us change our postures, and increase our faith.
The tribes must unite again, not segregate.
All are children.
And the earth is the place where all must learn to respect each other and learn to rethink, and believe that peace is only possible to all who give themselves to God.
Peace and good.

White Rose.

Pseudonym that I used in the beginning of my writing.
Teka Castro.
São Paulo, January 7, 2019.
Beautiful sunny day in São Paulo, southern region of the city.
Southern Hemisphere: Summer.
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