Sound Teaching

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Urge young men for self-control,
Likewise exhort a sober mind;
Allowing Christ be in their soul,
And always as humble and kind.

Show yourself to be in respect,
As a model doing good deeds;
The downhearted do not neglect,
Of whatever their wants or needs.

When you teach show integrity,
In the doctrine undefiled;
Always profess with dignity,
Treat no student like a child.

Sound speech nobody can condemn,
Opponents may be put to shame;
Say nothing evil unto them,
Only the truth you must proclaim.

Bondservants will be submissive,
Urge them to be obedient;
Doing things that are permissive,
And never being defiant.

They should always be well-pleasing,
Not being argumentative;
Never pilfering or fleecing,
But always being positive.

In good faith they should always be,
Showing all good fidelity;
Keen insight and wisdom to see,
That enhances ability.

For the grace of God has appeared,
Bringing salvation to us all;
As believers will not have feared,
About the stumbling and the fall.

Renounce all the ungodliness,
The worldly passions and the lust;
Accept God and His righteousness,
Putting in Him your hope and trust.

Look and wait for the blessed hope,
Of the great glory of the Lord;
Persevere until then to cope,
While remaining in one accord.

Christ gave himself for to redeem,
From the lawless and to purify;
Giving us godly self-esteem,
So, we can godly testify.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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