Inclusion and aging - a world we can all learn.

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Inclusion and aging - a world we can all learn.

Today I'm still walking around, through the bumpy streets, through uneven sidewalks, and so dirty, with posts and walls by the traffic light for me to cross.
They created the (Law 13.146/2015 - Source: Agência Senado - Brazilian Law of Inclusion), but in reality there is still much to do and argue. In schools, teachers, in classrooms, should not only try to include in the social, I know I have the intellectual disability, but I can learn if I change the way I teach. I will certainly learn.
Many times, they treat me as if I were "retarded", a term that is no longer used, but I don't listen with my ears, but with my soul, something that in my silent world, many think I can't build my journey, play ball ( ,http://redeglobo.globo.com/videos/v/palmeiras-contrata-jogadora-surda/8253353/) or do whatever I want on my road.
Ah. Many things have changed in the world in question of inclusion, in question of so many forms of accessibility as well, to see that today I still young, I return to repeat, I walk, but age arrives, the lower limbs due to food, lack of exercise or other requirements, weaken, and leave us fragile. Hearing also diminishes, tiredness, but we can still give a hug. And, I hope you get to my age, and be happy.
Inclusion is somewhat cautious, we must compose with wisdom, today we have members, we walk, we surf, we have fun and everything else, but perhaps out of greed, stupidity, we can lose the movements, and need with time more accessible conditions.
Today we have the Olympics that means that we cannot stand still, that we are capable of so many things, and that we have transformed our generation in the 21st century; where before in many ethnicities, and cultures, it was common to murder a baby that was born different.
Today with the bio-technological advance, with the medical advance, the question of Inclusion, has become easier, but we still have much to learn; like the officials of the INSS, who ask a lady without her hands to sign a documentation to get some food, and other things more, that still occur in our country, and that does not make me feel trying to understand, as daughters of politicians, and others, earn so much, and those who really need, have nothing. Unfair facts!
But I dedicate this text to Maria Dolores Fortes, a person who even with her limitations flies the world and is a doctor, not a doctor of medicine, but of a more specialized study here in Brazil, and to my former student and friend Wilson Sabino, a wheelchair user, who fights a lot. I also dedicate this text to people who, because of their age, have already lost their mobility, and to you, young man who often seeks to destroy himself with n drugs, makes use of shisha, makes use of drugs, takes the lives of others for a cell phone, go study!
And, finally, this text is offered to entities like the New Project Association, on Texas Street, Brooklin, Apae de SP, AACD, Cruz Verde, and many others. May we help each other so that the Inclusion Law may be improved and that at least this law may be fulfilled in all its parameters.

Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro, Chemistry teacher and writer.
Training in Psycho-pedagogy - Post-graduation.
Struggles for a more inclusive school and society.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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