Engage in Battle

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I thank God who gives me the strength,
Because He has judged me faithful;
Persevering at any length,
To which I am truly grateful.

He ordained me to His service,
Putting me in the ministry;
Though it caused me to be nervous,
All because of my history.

As a blasphemer in the past,
An audacious persecutor;
My enjoyment was to downcast,
A judicial executer.

But the mercy that I received,
That I acted in unbelief;
The grace of the Lord had relieved,
The regret that had caused me grief.

The grace of the Lord overflowed,
As the faith and love are in Christ;
Exceeding abundance bestowed,
From the One that was sacrificed.

For the saying is trustworthy,
Deserving of full acceptance;
That Jesus has made a decree,
Since I agree to compliance.

Jesus had come to save sinners,
Because of foremost who I am;
He gave mercy to be winners,
Results from slaughter of the Lamb.

Christ displays His perfect patience,
An example to who believes;
Spiritual strength through endurance,
With salvation that one receives.

Salvation with eternal life.
From the only wise and true God;
Helps you persevere through the strife,
And cleansing you where you are flawed.

Honor and glory forever,
To the Lord who is eternal;
Faithfulness that will not sever,
Everlasting and immortal.

Holding faith and a good conscience,
Which some having to put away;
A shipwreck if losing patience,
To blaspheme will cause you to stray.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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