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I leave here a letter to you who are my treasures. Your age does not matter, what matters is my love for you.
You are all special, and each one of you has your personality, Alexia Cristina, a competent dancer and teacher of this art, but even so, I leave as inheritance, not money, or any other, but I leave a request, that you study and change the world. Ah. Emmanuel, you are so intelligent, capable of accomplishing many things, but choose one that makes you happy and makes you happy.
Forgive me my son for everything, God knows the reason for this request for forgiveness, and I ask is not the money that will make you happy, but the certainty of a commitment made to yourself. And, don't expect from others, follow the encounter with God, in caring for Nature, in caring for your parents and grandparents. remember that we are the church. Not a group that often meets to speak ill of each other, and go to Mass, but leaves without the True Christ.
Ah. How I wanted you to be easier to care for, but I leave it as an inheritance to study, because life with study is already complicated, imagine without the same.
We have to orient ourselves.
Anna Clara, daughter who wanted to be a stylist since she was a little girl, but as I say and write, everything in the world asks for study and sacrifice. Don't you or better think that my life has always been a sea of roses, there have been moments of anguish, sadness and others, but I'm here, I know that now I haven't set a good example, I've been leaving my commitment to my work unduly, but it's not that I don't lose with this, I lose R$ 171.00/day in real terms, that is, as a teacher I don't earn this amount daily, but if I am absent from work, even if today my dysphonic voice is no longer able to teach, I am part of the school community, and I still hope with a minimum of health to retire. It is difficult, but nothing in life is impossible. But I want you to study to be Anna Clara, a great dancer.
Yesterday, the brothers' day, and I see that you, without me, get along very well, and are partners, but when I am, it seems that you want to wear me out too much.
I want, my children, to live in peace with you, I want to be able to sit at the table, like my father did, and my uncles too, so that we can talk.
Children, I suffer a lot every time we fight, I get sick, and having given what I can to the three of you, I know it's not much, I don't have enough money for everything, so I ask you for help, and try to solve it for good.
Children, I love you, and very much, I wish I could give you everything, but I can only give you the study, and advise you to grow in your lives.
Don't give up studying, in my time it was much more difficult, I got over it, and today I thank your grandparents who gave me the opportunity to go to school, to follow a college, but for Grandma, for Grandpa, I would be in a convent, without much study, because a woman didn't need to study, but I won, and therefore, my children, I am here to ask you to study and teach, because life is not easy, it is not something that we want, we need to conquer our place.
Children, the inheritance that I leave is the prayer, Book of Wisdom (
), where Solomon the King of Israel richest of the world, always asked God for wisdom. Read, pray, and know not only Christian to go to Mass and do everything wrong, (
) wanting the front of things looking sideways, I am actually a servant of God, who loves and respects Nature, because this is the True Church of God, love your neighbor as yourself, and take care of what the Lord gave us freely.
Children, I suddenly want to thank you, for having chosen me to be your mother, I just want you to take good examples, such as the struggle of your grandmother Deonilde, the fortress of it, which at 82 years old, in 2019, gives a show of wisdom.
Children, I also want to leave as an inheritance, the truth, that you, do not seek lies, and know that you form a bond, always be good friends.
I love you, Peace and good.
São Paulo, September 6, 2019.
Graduation day (
), of Emmanuel in the New Project ( http://novaprojeto.com.br/ ) and thank everyone for loving you so well.
As Jesus said, the dead girl." Get up and walk!" Walk my little children with your own legs and take care of each other.
Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes
Cold, cloudy day.
Paralysis of the buses in São Paulo.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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