Discipline and Apostasy

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God gave them cleanness of teeth,
Lack of bread in all places;
Gave them profits from beneath,
And bestowed His good graces.

Yet they return not to God,
They have shown no gratitude;
Giving no honor and laud,
Having a bad attitude.

God also withheld the rain,
Yet three months to the harvest;
Causing their yield have such pain,
The toils that they did invest.

He would send rain to one place,
But no rain to another;
As one field was a disgrace,
That withered for their brother.

Two or three places wandered,
Because no water to drink;
They suffered as they pondered,
Of the Lord they did not think.

Yet they were not satisfied,
To return unto the Lord;
They rather be crucified,
And just let God be ignored.

God struck with mildew and blight,
On the gardens and vineyards;
But still could not see the light.
And kept ignoring His words.

Locusts devoured fig trees,
As well as trees with olives;
They snubbed His voice in the breeze,
Disregards all that He gives.

He sent down a pestilence,
Killed the young men with the sword;
Their continued violence,
As they disregard the Lord.

So, He sent burning embers,
On the cities that ignored;
So that each one remembers,
The wrath that comes from the Lord.

The Lord who forms the mountains,
Who makes the morning so bright;
As water flows from fountains,
And the sun to shine its light.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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