Prophecies 2020

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Prophecies 2020

Nostradamus, has predicted so many and so many events,
And in the Bible itself,
In the chapters of Revelation of Saint John,
The earthly changes,
Ephemerals that at the end of time would occur without giving dates, the moments.
We saw that today parents and children are adversaries,
It seems that it is no longer necessary
The Dialogue.
And, technology advances
Even inside nanochips
Implanted in us.
I do not prophet famous deaths,
Because every year that happens.
But, prophet, many young men will not reach the age of 30,
And, there will be teeth grinding all over the world.
Every second of it,
The nature that took years to be Magnificent,
You will find challenges.
And, the climate here in Brazil
In some years December it will be very cold.
We kill without necessity, and obstruct the image and the likeness of the Creator.
Love is banal,
Though many will return to the Creator Father's First Love.
Nature will manifest itself in various forms, volcanic, tectonic plates and even from the sky, catastrophes will come.
In the stanzas prophesied of others,
We must meet God.
And then maybe we'll live in peace.
It's no use presidents and other politicians saying, "In God I believe!" If you do what the Bible isn't. That is, they do it for the rich and the poor.
The time for change in everything.
Surely you will find with Divine grace a cure for many diseases, but we must from great laboratories exterminate the virus, Example, the measles in many places, I believe in the world had already been eradicated, and as in 2019, came back with such a desire to kill? Someone took it out of the freezer.
Wars exist, no more firearms or swords, but in the dead of night, they will spare populations, we will have Hitleres all over the world again that with biological war will kill.
Only God to help us,
And we must certainly pray a great deal.
Not only should we go to churches, the important thing is the action of all our emotions.
We must raise our eyes to God, the One and True.
To know that in the final moments,
We must repent of our sins.
And I still see in the favelas, communities, as they want to be called, there will be seas of blood among the youth and children. And it's not just the trafficker who promotes funk dancing who's to blame, but the rich guy who wants a base, an extra adrenaline, like Suzane who killed his parents.
Also remember that not even God is our owner, because he gave us freedom, free will, the certainty to seek peace; man or woman, are not owners or their own children, who are Rare Jewels borrowed by Oxalá-Javé - Man who kills woman or vice versa, be sure that your day will come, will succumb in tears.
And, young people who fall into the fads care for the HIV virus, it has had time to evolve, and will not have much time where drug cocktails can act.
The future is a ship, as Vinícius and Toquinho said, and where will it take us if we do not learn from each other to respect, love, thank and Mother Nature to preserve?

Manuscript in 26/12/2019 - 10h and 01 min.
Today transcribed to this site.
Teka Castro.
SP 31 12 2019. 17h and 18 min.

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