I'm your mother, and you murder me.

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I'm your mother, and you murder me.

I conceived you with God
I guided your steps
I brought you hugs.
And you destroy me day by day.
It poisons my veins with plastics,
And other substances,
Which I end up distributing to the other children,
I don't care if you have two legs,
As your kind,
Or crawling, or flying,
Or just that they live in the sea or in the woods.
You are the son who mistreats your mother.
You murder your own species for vanity,
Intoxic with CO² and stops the production of oxygen.
You don't understand the simplest reactions of Life:
Breathing and Photosynthesis.
You do not synthesize my Love.
And it mistreats me.
To veins, rivers and seas,
They're full of blood,
And, my lungs, poisoned with your hatred and ambition...
I am the Earth, your Mother, and every day you murder me, Human Beings,
...whom I love so much.

Handwritten by inspiration in 25/8/2019.

I dedicate myself to each and every living being here on Earth and in the Universe.
Peace and good.

Breath and Photosynthesis: https://www.enemvirtual.com.br/diferencas-entre-fotossintese-e-respiracao/
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Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro
São Paulo, August 28, 2019.
I offer to Minister Ricardo Salles, (Environment), who is in the ICU of a hospital, GOD bless him.
To the Program #EncontrocomFátimaBernardes and to Repórter Cauê (his last day at the G1).
To Alexia Cristina, my daughter, Ballet volunteer teacher in the Family School Program, South Board 1, EE Prof. Dr. Lauro Pereira Travassos, and to all the volunteers of the planet who fight for the good of other people.
Peace and good.
11h and 42m.
Published on the website http://www.escrita.com.br and http://etastic.com.br

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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