The Way of Love

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If I speak in the tongues of men,
Or of angels but have no love;
My compassion would not be then,
Not be coming from up above.

I have become as sounding brass,
Although the gift of prophecy;
Would be like a growing trespass,
With another iniquity.

If I had prophetic powers,
To understand the mystery;
With knowledge of growing flowers,
The future would be like history.

For if my faith were strong enough,
So as for removing mountains;
Having the love would be a bluff,
As if flowing from the fountains.

All that I have I give away,
Letting my body to be burned;
Still I not started to obey,
Gaining nothing what I have learned.

For love is patient and is kind,
Love does not envy or to boast;
No arrogance within the mind,
Grants access to the Holy Ghost.

It insists not of its own way,
Not provoked or thinks of evil;
But remembers as to obey,
For resistance of the devil.

In wrongdoing does not rejoice,
Only rejoices in the truth;
Allows the Lord to use his voice,
Never to be rude or uncouth.

Love persevering of all things,
As faith gives love hope to believe;
For it endures while it brings,
The salvation to receive.

Because the love will never cease,
Never vanish or pass away;
Rather in your mind giving peace,
Keeping you from going astray.

In the mirror you see the face,
That faith, hope, and love does abide;
As Jesus is shining His grace,
The greatest is love that will guide.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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