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The life of today, brings a very great discomfort,
With so much technology, radiations and mistreatment to Nature,
Make sure we are getting sicker every day.
Even of unbelieving God.
Let the churches, in the various Religions, however,
So, as in school today,
It is a meeting place, a place to try to find a friend,
A partner, something like that.
It is not to really go talk to God,
Or in the case of the school to learn Knowledge.
Suddenly, there are sparks in people's eyes,
Sometimes, if you create fear, you create uncertainties,
And, in the technology so advanced,
The machine taking the place of the Human Being.
Or 3D animations, giving way to animals that have already been extinct
Or they are, in extinction.
Another day, watching Today in Record,
Ana Hickmann, said: "To what extent is technology good?"
Suddenly I think like her.
I know that in the matter of Medicine we are living longer,
But what about the rest?
Unemployment, automated wars, road victims, and so many others.
Sparks in the terrifying looks, girls in the public schools,
Or anywhere, what if there.
You can not look,
They say that we are facing, and soon the fight comes, or "I'll get you"!
On another day at school the Mediator, Mediator, spoke to 4 girls, who in the story told me, they were going to end up fighting out of school.
Emton, as a mother, I wonder, is it also that I made mistakes with raising my children?
I see girls wanting to swagger like a ring, that's awesome.
I fear for us fathers, for our children, and for the people of the earth.
Let's avoid sparks so that we do not ignite ourselves.
Teka Castro.
Teacher and writer.
São Paulo, April 7, 2019.
16: 36h.
Time too stuffy.
Watching: https://www.axn.com/series/hawaii-five-0

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