Black Consciousness - November 20

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Black Consciousness - November 20
https://www.google.com/search?q=Hist%C3%B3ria+da+Consci%C3%AAncia+Negra&oq=Hist%C3%B3ria+da+Consci%C3%AAncia+Negra&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5 .14488j0j7 & sourceid = chrome & ie = UTF-8 - History of Black Consciousness Day in our country, Brazil.

I keep thinking God created us, Indians, browns, yellows, whites, blacks. If we look inside each one microscopically, it will contain leukocytes, white blood cells, red blood cells, due to the large amount of the chemical element iron, red in color. And, it is present in all of us, the strands of DNA, composed of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and others, are present within all of us human beings.
So I can't understand why some want to be more than they are not? Others want to continue enslaving, yes, in my Castroist view, today the slave ships are full of immigrants, minors, trafficking in women, to be sexual objects, or even to enslave for profits of some and death of others.
In Brazil, a country of Portuguese colonization, when my ancestors came here, they had sex with the Indians, raping and defiling the religion of these ethnic groups. Then Mother Africa's slaves emerged, many on their lands were kings and queens, princesses such as Anastasia (https://www.centroanastacia.com/index.php/home/slavaanastacia), and so make a new slave period. , which we experience not only in the past, with the memories of Zumbi dos Palmares, or the great authors, who produced fantastic works such as Slava Izaura, a white slave born of a black woman. Or so many other things that happen that make me worried, why then does racism happen? We are all of the same species, namely the Human Species. Why do we want to be superior over each other?
For me, I should not have quotas in colleges, should not have the 100% black t-shirt, we are all human and I believe we can live with dignity, friendship, respect and above all, without wanting anyone's harm, after all, if we read the Bible, and more carefully, God makes us brothers, so why this segregation without proportion in the 21st century?
Everyone has space. I have to reveal this, I have a degree of envy from my co-author Célia Campos, we were both doing English at Skill, but she was more able and easier than mine to speak and understand English, so much so that when she worked at a firm was the only company able to go to Germany for new contracts. And, I only leave Brazil through my poems that travel around the world.
In other words, everyone has the ability to study, to go their own way, and have great satisfaction in life.
We who should put the preconception aside, at least in skin color, no one has blood of blue color, the color is red, as I already put due to the iron substance, in our body.
To all blacks, whites, yellows, and other denominations, let us have a good day, November 20th, Human Consciousness Day.
Peace and good.
I offer to the black martyrs of Brazil and the world.
The Campos family, godparents of my daughter Alexia Cristina.
To all the friends I have.
And God
Professor of Chemistry Discipline Teka Castro.
Sao Paulo, November 14, 2019.
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