Time and the mirror of life

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Time and the mirror of life

A novel that reminded me of Ivani Ribeiro's novel The Journey, and now the writer Elizabeth Jhin, which brings the rescue of previous lives, of love and forgiveness.
Of reconciliation, and I, learning every day, that the Spiritual Laws are real, are of the account of something that we do not even imagine.
We have the return, life with the brief laws of Physics, Action and Reaction, and why not, in our spirituality, the laws of Chemistry, embarking on this life that is unique.
May our mirror of life portray us for good, beyond ourselves, for a better life and to know that forgiving is essential for all of us, and that no matter our religion, be it Christian, Muslim, Evangelical, Spiritist, Hindi, Forgiveness is the essence of God's Love in our lives.
So for those who believe my thanks, for those who have not yet learned to forgive, let us practice this well, for it is no use going to the church to pray to a God whom we do not see, and to forget the brother whom we see every day.
Let the pride aside, and let us reflect on our lives, reflect on the love of God, and know how to forgive each day, every moment.
Feeling should prevail with harmony and great faith.
Teka Castro
Writer. Spiritualist. Alchemist.
Congratulations to the writer Elizabeth Jhin for the beautiful novel Mirror of Life.

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