Literary discoveries.....

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Literary discoveries.....

I found out between the lines of A.C.'s "The Right Kind of Wrong Girl". Meyer, rebellion, the art of painting, a way of detailing one's own poetry, sickness, the lack of simply dialoguing with parents, that material goods are nothing if we do not have in our hearts kindness, forgiveness, and the transformation of a beautiful and eternal friendship, which symbolizes True Love, which transforms leukemia into healing, and makes us cry, as a child, to see the roses stamped on Malu's back, to know how to be right, with tenderness and to win the legal profession. But also to be simple, to believe in something bigger, to be jealous of a friend, and yet to love from the first glance, like Rafael.
Thus, I lived a tale, where the characters entered my being, and now I say that it was a great pleasure to have read a book that is from the collection of my youngest Anna Clara, 16, where perhaps I needed inspiration to understand a little of what I am. Many times, I'm like Malu, other times, I'm in other characters, but I still lack the courage to really tattoo on my skin the issue of a butterfly, a symbol that I remember my eternal Gabriel....
And today, she gradually read "O Piano" by Jerusa Nina, a writer that Alexia Cristina, my first born dancer, met at one of our trips to the Book Biennial in São Paulo, in 2016. Today she is sure to remember a piano in the house of my godfathers' parents: Mimi Duprat and Antônio Luíz Brotero Duprat, who once in her life played my little fingers when I could go into the living room, because I was the daughter of the maid, the nanny, who lived in the back of that farm on Rua Barão de Cotagipe, and who hasn't seen the godparents in years, one living in Paris, and Mimi, who called me on my wedding day and visited us in 1996, today I don't see them anymore. But I carry in my chest the memory of that piano, and reading about Celina Valente, pianist, soloist, teacher of Áurea, reminded me of the naive girl in which she was, and who did not need the fortune of my godfathers to go to fight, at this point I am like Malu, and I become the alchemist who learns every day, in various and various points of view, and still thanks, even bored to God, for everything that each sign turns into prayer, and besides, I can indicate to the children, one of the classics that I read in childhood: "The Devil's Beetle", a book of mystery, love, and that also transformed me into the soul of a poet that I have today.
In each book that I read, or poem, or even that research that I requested as a teacher, transformed me into loving reading, writing and transforming it into the multiplication of my most intense feelings, be they dark or sublime, be they memories, or just daydreams, I am the portrait of several writings that I read, without counting the letters of Saint Paul, the Apocalypse, and other readings, in a transformation of the "Total man and the (my) parapsychology" of Friar Albino Aresi.
May this text awaken in you the pleasure of reading, the pleasure of writing and creating. Poetizing is necessary, as Pessoa would say: "Navigating is necessary!".
I hope that I will reach your ego, and transform your life.
Get off your cell phone, TV, PC, and one day take a book to read, it's a good thing, it nourishes your imagination, it makes you dream.
I dedicate this text to everyone here described, to my son Emmanuel Gonçalves, to my 4 nephews that I love: Lulu, Vini, Matheus, Juju. To my compadres, and all my family members, and of course my pre university professors, and why not the readings and corrections of my students.
Teka Castro

São Paulo, November 30, 2019.
17h and 43min.
Late afternoon enjoyable here in the Missionary Village for the world.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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