Téka Castro's Writings, Memories, Things

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Téka Castro's Writings, Memories, Things

1580 texts published in Recanto das Letras
1566 texts published on the Writer's Website
Total readings: 35429 - On the site: http://recantodasletras.com.br/authors/tekacastro

Other sites where I publish my poems, different or equal themes, but how to express, say what I think, rummage the past, an event, or look forward to the future, a place without walls, without tragedies, with flowers, trees, animal life, and all living in peace.
I wanted to be able to do more than poetry at https://belasartesbelas.ning.com/, or improve my english writing at etastic.com no matter if it's national, or in Portugal, my writing is seen by so many, compliments, comments , criticism, even people who suddenly made me erase the truth of what I wrote, and hide behind lies.
I am so, I write, I wish, I try my own way. And thank God, for many publishers like Silvia Securato and Rozelia Rasia among others still believe me.
In my functional evolution I have to write only about Chemistry, but I am an alchemist and one day someone will allow to revolutionize such evolution via non-academic, since 1980, here, and bring thus two more post graduations, and my writings, because this is my commitment to win everything.
And, I come to God for this gift to thank.
And, asking us as education professionals, to be like me teachers, or organizing agents, or that person who cleans the school, or the "aunt" of the lunch, it doesn't matter, we should all earn the same as the largest councilman.
But it is not so and it does not cost me to dream, many out there are still dreamers like me.
Thank my God for all this.
To all readers the Peace of Oxalá, the Christ.
Teka Castro, a chemistry teacher who has taught classes (works) since 1988, writer, daughter, sister, wife, mother, citizen, spiritualist and environmentalist.
SP 20/11/2019 - Human Consciousness Day. After all, it is not the color of my skin that excludes me from being a daughter of God who created us all.
13h and 16min.

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