Loss of a child

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Loss of a child

What makes us women mothers of angels so special?
What led God to give us Jewels so rare, purer than any Diamond, or any other precious metal?
God has chosen us to be more of preciousness, which would depart before us, chokes the voice, becomes dysphonic, even leaves, and tears are given place. But many times we don't understand, we have been plunged into years and years of hurts, and it shakes us, leaves us halfway across the course, in short, God has chosen us to be strong, even in the face of pain, to learn and seek from somehow teach those who stayed here.
And no matter what time, the Cronos, life goes on, leaves marks, and leaves images that will now be posted through social networks, through feelings, but there are moments that will be in memory recorded, being part of history, making part of the past, of the commitment we have in life, and which Saint'Exupèry reports so well: "Everyone who passes through our lives comes alone and finds us alone, but when part takes a little of us and leaves a little of himself . " So, I end by apologizing Beatriz Figueredo (in memoriam), because the day we went to OSESP, I didn't wait for you, we had a schedule, but you got there beautifully.
Apologies Gabi (in memoriam), for maybe in your 2 years and 10 months, I wasn't the mother you needed.
May we mothers who have lost, or rather returned, these rare jewels to God, may in spite of the pain, the displeasure, be grateful, remembering what Paul wrote in a letter to the Thessalonians: "Give thanks!"
Peace and good.
Writer, Mother and Teacher Teka Castro.
Sao Paulo, November 19, 2019.

Where some more stars are shining in the sky.


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