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"Sustainability must be a daily part of our lives.
Thanks to teacher and historian Maria Cristina Magri Iamashita, she had a year that she asked to take students to the Sustainable Biennale, and I went with Professor Suemi Oweis. In addition to art, the environmental issue and interdisciplinarity made us believe in a better world. Ah. I also thank former student Camila Cristina, who helped us a lot in the exhibition.
Other than that, besides being an environmentalist, I'm having the pleasure of living with the wonderful project of teacher Quiteria Karla Viana, regarding the reuse of plastic surgery, so I decided to also share on the issue of paper recycling, I remind everyone that in the non-governmental New Project Association, Monica Wahlbuhl, Ana Gazda, who gave the students an agenda where the cover was made of various recycled products, besides paper, onion shells and eggs. And, to congratulate the ETEC José Rocha Mendes, who had a parade with paper necklaces. And, I see and follow in the instagram Moda ETEC José Rocha Mendes, who are recycling jeans.
To the teachers Vagner and Claudia Stefanelli Bruzadin, among others, my congratulations. God bless them, and thank everyone described above, because I learned a little more about the environmental issue, but I can't help paying homage of course to my mother Deonilde, who took me to society friends of Balneário Mar Paulista, where the main theme was and is the shore of #RepresaBillings, an artificial dam, which is part of our history.
Téka Castro
São Paulo, October 17, 2019.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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