Changes in social networks

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Changes in social networks

I don't know why, today whatsapp, dawned as they say buggy, now we can only forward some information once.
Maybe because of the false news that led to the internet in 2018 and now in early 2019.
In other words, social networks are meaningless if they are to be used like the telephone, only one at a time, unless we are in the middle of video conferencing, that maybe we can use more information.
I don't really know why this happened, maybe it's not by limiting the routing, or sharing, but rather the awareness of each of us.
We who need to recycle and think about quoting from each other.
I know that many will say: "Boy, Téka writes passionately on the face, on the networks of her poetry, sometimes she speaks ill of the other, sometimes she is too sincere, sometimes too passionate! Yes, I am like that, but there is a detail I sign to all my actions, it is a fact.
I've already fought with relatives, colleagues, through such social networks, yes, but I assume like no one else, and I still say, who never made a mistake that throws the first stone.
Today I think long before I write, or post something against someone, as I wrote, we must have conscience in our lives, Environmental Consciousness, Politics, Civil, Citizen, Human Being ... To have Consciousness in each one of our acts, the fact is always try to live in truth, in transparency, and get to have our lives, with the without social networks, but always live in peace.




Tereza Cristina G Castro

São Paulo, July 3, 2019.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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