Didn't Want To Thrill Me - Goodbye Gugu Liberato

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Didn't Want To Thrill Me - Goodbye Gugu Liberato

Now your story in our state, in our city, and watching it live, various broadcasters, such as Fernanda Gentil, reported, that today all are not for the audience, but for the heart.
The broadcast of Globo, Record, Gazeta, and so many others.
The queue of so many fans from all over Brazil. A people that without confusion, among the artists, journalists without attracting attention.
I say goodbye here once again, perhaps knowing that you were part of my pre - adolescent childhood, maybe in the last few years I have not been with you because of the late schedule, but I remember so many other things.
Miss you will leave, and I am sure, that God has already rescued you, and now the angels look for your family, and give everyone much peace.
As Geraldo Luiz says, go in peace, brother. Maybe brother, from the same parent nation, our Portugal, because, like your parents, mine are from there, from the villages, my father was from Avelar and my mother is from Viseu.
So, Gugu, accept my simple goodbye, and the certainty that you will have much peace, for the good you have done here.
Your family, children, mother, wife, may you receive this poem in the form of a tribute and a rose, where I put in your coffin, and thank you for everything you did.
I told myself I wouldn't cry, I lied. Have you ever seen poet, not cry?
Pity I did not know you, but I do know that virtually a lot of people who hugged you and saw your contagious smile, one of my writing partners, Mara Bastos, although we do not have the friendship, the bond of writing communicates our hearts.
Your Mother, Mary of Heaven, much peace, health, for I know the pain of losing a child, and it does not matter if at 2 years and 10 months, or at 60, or even 30, as Mary, most holy saw the Christ departs. It's a pain that gets, hurts, scratches, bleeds from time to time and I know it well.
So, my goodbye.
Peace and good.
Fan, Writer, Mother, Teacher:
Téka Castro
São Paulo, November 28, 2019. Rainy day in São Paulo, wake Legislative Assembly - SP.

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